Acupuncture and Emotions

Acupuncture is famous for its effectiveness on treating all sorts of physical pain or discomfort (a set of symptoms), but acupuncture can treat more than that.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we take a holistic approach to treating patients.  We are concerned with the whole body or complete systems rather than focus of getting rid of the symptoms.  We consider the WHOLE being, including emotional, mental and physical (both internal and external) environments in which they exist.

From the diagram below, you can see the relationships between each organ systems.  It follows the 5-element theory of fire, earth, metal, water and wood.  Each element represents one organ system.  (By organ system, we are not talking about the organ itself, but the system it represents.  E.g., spleen meridian represents the digestive system).

acupuncture emotions

Since each organ system is linked to an emotion, being overly emotional will damage the energy (Qi) of the organ system.  For example, over worry will damage Spleen Qi.  I often advice patients not to watch the news while eating lunch or dinner, because news reports usually contain information like disasters which evoke  negative feelings for the viewers.

And if you read while eating, blood needs to go to your brain, instead of focus on digesting food, which may also damage the digestive energy.  If you argue while eating, liver (anger), heart (hate) and spleen(mistrust) and/or lungs(sadness) energies will be damage, all these little things add up and we lose the equilibrium in our systems, and dis-ease will result.

It is amazing how traditional Chinese medicine and other ancient medicines have always included “emotions” as a factor to obtaining  health.  Acupuncture can physically change the energy balance in the meridians, by doing that, patients’ emotions can be changed too.  We are treating many patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety etc.  Acupuncture work on both the causes and the effects of the problem, so give it a try, we can reduce your symptoms and soothe your emotions.

Acupuncture, Emotions and Energy

“researchers used an amperometric oxygen microsensor to detect partial oxygen pressure variations at different locations. The researchers concluded that partial oxygen pressure is significantly higher at acupuncture points. On the side is image from the study measuring the increase of partial oxygen pressure combined with an overlay of the local acupuncture point locations. The image maps the Lung, Pericardium and Heart channels and their associated local points. Acupuncture points show high oxygen pressure levels and non-acupuncture points do not.”

acupuncture energyAlthough some skeptics are doubting the effectiveness of acupuncture, there are more scientific proofs that meridians and acupuncture points exist in the body.  Research shows that oxygen is sent to the area where the correct points are needled.  Those specific points have different treatment effects, that means when oxygen is sent to the points, they are like turning the on/off switch for actions.

A lot of people ask me what energy feels like?  How calm energy differs from dense, busy, tired energy?

In the middle of the body are our 7 chakras.  They are the major energy centers. I feel that calm energy is like a wave of peaceful current, it is soft and tender, flowing at a constant speed.  When the 7 chakras are balanced, the flow of energy is in circular movement.  But this is just my own experience. Everybody senses energy differently. But of course there are universal configurations that apply to everyone and not based on my feelings.

In fact, our body is covered by 12 meridians forming a web of energy, which are  negative and positive charged.  If we want our body to function well, then these atoms in our bodies better be balanced.

When a person is really over-worked and exhausted, both of us could feel pins and needles when I tap in the person’s energy field.

It is not a pleasant sensation.  But that is what busy, fuzzy energy feels like.

Thoughts (energy) are scattered.  Usually it is hard for the person to manifest what he wants because there are so many thoughts and all are not aligned with the universe.  Then he is being pulled and pushed to different directions without achieving anything and just feels lost.

One way to calm down the energy is to sit down and meditate.  When you sit down quietly, your energy will slow down and find its way.

Another way is to receive energy or acupuncture treatment.  Both treatments help to fine tune your vibration of your body, direct Qi to flow naturally on its routes.  Most people feel very relaxed after the treatment and feel energize the next day.

How Fear Can Affect Your Life

Our fears are our own worst enemies.  They can paralyze us, prevent us from living a free life, and even destroy relationships with the ones we love.  It is natural to have a little fear in our life.  This stems from our ancient ancestors, where the physical perils of being hunted were great.  Life back then was about survival of the fittest; fight or flight.  Even in modern times, although we don’t face the same physical perils, we still face perils of a different kind, be it emotional, mental, or spiritual.  Whatever the fear may be, they can manifest into physical ills, which can be attributed to being in constant fight or flight mode.  This mode releases adrenaline and cortisol, a stress hormone, from our kidneys, in response to a stressor.  The problem lies when cortisol stays in the bloodstream for long periods, which can affect other organs in the body.

For example, a case of asthma can be due to difficulty inspiring.  The act of physical inspiration comes from our kidneys in traditional Chinese medicine.  However, fear can paralyze our kidneys, making it difficult for us to breathe deeply, and in turn, the kidneys will release cortisol into the bloodstream.  This can lead to a closing of the Heart Chakra, out of fear of being hurt by the stressor or trigger.  With acupuncture and energy healing, this person was able to open their heart chakra, breathe better, and even find inspiration (no pun intended) in their dreams.

Conquering our fears can be simple IF they are ones we created.  All it takes is changing our perception of what we fear.  By bringing awareness to the Fear itself, and shine a spotlight on it, the Fear will melt away.  If we keep doing this, to try to understand the origins of our fears, we may be able to conquer it completely.

Fears that are not created by us, but by someone or something else, is considered a terror or trauma.  These types of fears are more complicated to treat, because they leave a lasting imprint on the soul.  For whatever reason we experience these traumas, we are meant to consciously learn from it, so that we do not pass on the same trauma subconsciously to another being.  This cycle of fear can be vicious and repeat itself on a subconscious level.  In my honest opinion, learning to forgive is the hardest thing to do, and yet it is also the most freeing. “Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner!” – Max Lucado

What you think, you will attract.  What you fear, you will also attract.  So stop attracting fear, stop thinking about fear, and stop living in fear!

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