Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation

Face lift acupunctureFacial Rejuvenation treats not only the face but the core as well. Most often, inner body stresses will show up on the face. There are other factors to consider as well: aging, environmental concerns, external and internal toxins. All of these can add facial lines and blemishes. Facial Rejuvenation can minimize deep lines or erase fine lines as well as reduce blemishing, tone sagging, and firm the skin around the neck and eyes.

Facial Rejuvenation helps to promote the production of collagen as well as the tone and firmness of facial muscles. It can help with the reduction of a double chin and help to tone sagging eyelids. It will also help increase the blood flow to your face and can give your skin a rosy glow which revitalizes facial hue. It can help improve blemishes such as acne, small subcutaneous cysts, darkened pigmentation and the overall appearance of the skin.

Reclaim Your Youthful Glow, the Natural Way

Facial Rejuvenation is completely non-surgical and has been shown to naturally reduce the signs of aging by 5 to 15 years.  It is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been tested over time with great results. Hair thin needles are inserted into areas of the face and body in order to promote collagen, tone and firm the facial muscles. Erase years from your face with this simple yet profound technique.

At the same time I will treat the underlying causes that are contributing to the aging process such as stress, anxiety, nutrition and lifestyle. Treat yourself to radiant skin and a relaxing session that leaves you feeling gorgeous and revitalized.

Facial Rejuvenation can:

  • Remove fine lines while decreasing deeper wrinkles
  • Tighten pores and firm up muscle tone
  • Increase the production of collagen
  • Reduce acne
  • Brighten the eyes
  • Lift drooping eyelids
  • Reduce under-eye bags
  • Eliminate puffiness/edema
  • Firm up the jowls
  • Reduce double chins
  • Moisturize your skin through the increase of facial circulation
  • Raise the overall appearance of your face by reducing sagging
  • Improve the color and tone of your face

Initial Treatments

A minimum of 12 sessions are recommended and benefits should be seen after 3-4 treatments. For maximum benefits it is best to have 2 treatments per week with each treatment running 1 hour. If that is not possible than 1 90 minute treatment per week is suggested. With maintenance treatments the results can last between 5-10 years.


Continuing treatments are recommended to maximize the results. Having 1 treatment every 2 weeks for the first 2 months after the serious and then one treatment per month are recommended.

This is a safe alternative to botox/dysport, fillers, collagen or fat injections, plastic surgery, chemical peels or laser treatments. Facial Rejuvenation is a great alternative if you want to avoid the costs and and risks of these other methods.

For fresher skin, don’t fear the pin

facial acupunctureSome would see spending 20 minutes with 60 or so needles embedded in your face as self harm—not self-healing. Yet your skin is a living organ and gives a clear projection of what is going on inside. Inserting acupuncture needles in the face stimulates collagen production and activates the facial muscles, making your skin look younger and plumper.

The wisdom of Chinese medicine is to use and optimize the resources of the human body and allowing it to ‘do the job.’ “Facial acupuncture works from within as it accelerates the anti-inflammatory activity and removes accumulative toxins from the skin,” explains Tsagaris. “By using a half-inch prick thin needle on the face (up to 180) and penetrating all layers of the skin, we are releasing huge chemical reactions and ultimately changing the skin’s architecture, addressing the loss of facial volume and preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

“If you go lifting weights in the gym, the next day you will be in pain as you have torn and broken muscle fibres” continues Tsagaris. “The body is designed to prevent further injury by self-improving itself so after a day or two, the broken fibres will be replaced by bulkier ones as your body prevents further injury by self improving itself.”

With acupuncture, the needles going into the face trigger the skin to go into ‘healing’ mode. Inserting them breaks down old, dry and dehydrated collagen fibres and the skin responds by sending tremendous amounts of anti inflammatory agents, oxygen, red and white blood cells to cope with the ‘injury.’ On a mechanical level, acupuncture reconstructs the fibre network of the skin and enables the broken fibres to be replaced with plumper ones to protect from injury. It also boosts the production of collagen to tighten and smooth the skin creating a firm and radiant complexion and enhancing skin tone.

The biological cycle of skin cell production is around 28 days, but with age this turnover becomes lazy and skin renewal is less frequent. Facial acupuncture accelerates the tempo of this biological response by reminding the body to renew and revitalize itself as it did when you were younger. The insertion of the needles isn’t painless and is accompanied by a faint burning sensation throughout, but your skin will instantly glow as it would after a tough workout.

“This isn’t a pampering facial as we are changing the actual structure of skin, stimulating the production of collagen making it firmer, plumper and facilitating the blood and energy circulation to the face giving you more energy overall.”

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