Acupuncture for Depression

acupuncture and depressionCurrently acupuncture for depression has been gaining popularity, not by many mental institutions but by the sufferers themselves. There are many benefits to a more holistic or alternative medicine depression treatment and those in needs of assistance should look into the information available on acupuncture for depression options available to them here online.

Acupuncture has been used for millenniums for the treatment of anxiety, diseases, depression as well as other psychiatric issues an individual may have been be dealing with. Today many alternative medicine depression treatments have also come in the form of more complementary medicine treatments where there is a combination of both traditional medicines with alternative medicine.

Alternative depression treatments are a much safer alternative to many other treatments that are currently being offered by the FDA and drug companies as alternative medicine depression treatment programs involve all-natural solutions versus a constant flow of synthetic chemicals running through one’s body.

Many cases of depression, indeed, seemingly cannot avoid the usage of anti-depression medications such as Prozac and more, but alternative medicines for depression will not be harmful in used as a complementary treatment. In fact, the more all-natural treatment available for the patient, the better and this is the basis of complementary medicine treatments. It is always the best idea to try different alternative medicine methods of depression and see what works for you. There is plenty of alternative medicine depression treatment information available online here at and we encourage you to look into some of our selected sources throughout our site.

The holistic approach to depression is a method which is based on the System Theory where the person being treated holistically is being treated as a whole, meaning that one part of a person affects every other part of the individual. In all actuality, a holistic or alternative medicine depression treatment will help benefit not just the depression one may be suffering from but the alternative medicine depression methods will help other areas of body, mind and spirit which may need healing and improvement as well.

Acupuncture and Depression Treatment

acupuncture for depressionSome of the areas covered to help treat the physical or body areas may include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, acupressure, yoga, ayurveda, herbal therapy and more.

Areas involving mental treatment include thought and emotion related areas such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, dream work, music therapy, yoga, and more.

Spiritual areas covered will enhance the essential soul or that of one’s self through yoga, meditation, reiki, transpersonal psychotherapy and more.

There are many alternative medicine depression treatments available and it is best to weight out all available options before committing to one type of alternative medicine therapy for depression. Again, it is important to know what works best for you. It may take a combination of traditional medicine in addition to acupuncture depression treatments. Complementary medicine has been growing in popularity as it can combine or complete the necessary treatments for the areas which may be causing the levels of depression being experienced. We at recommend that you speak to your medical professional as well as seek out professional advice from alternative medicine practitioners to discover the right depression treatment program the help fit your individual needs.

How to Use Acupuncture to Relieve Stress and Depression

We live our lives today at such a hectic pace that it is no wonder so many of us feel stressed out. Managing these stress levels is a vital part of living a full and satisfying life, and there are many different ways in which you can do this. Many swear yoga, exercise and meditation to bring calm and peace into their lives, but there has been a recent resurgence in popularity in the use of acupuncture as a method of relaxation.

depression pointsAcupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that works on the principal of qi. This is one of the life forces that the Chinese hold in high regard and the aim is to let the qi flow freely through your body so you achieve a great sense of peace. Your organs play a vital role in the qi being able to flow freely, as blocked arteries and the like stop the qi in its tracks so to speak.

The main benefit of acupuncture is that it assists your body in handling both stress and anxiety very effectively. Gossamer fine needles are inserted through the skin into key points around the body; these points have been identified as being crucial spots that need to be clear for the qi to flow through to achieve the balance of peace and harmony you are seeking. Apart from drastically reducing the levels of stress, acupuncture has also been proven to lower blood pressure, help you to establish a better sleeping pattern and boot your immune system.

Acupuncture sends a positive vibe throughout your entire body, and fans of this treatment give testimony to the fact that that after the session they feel like a new person. Many people don’t realize the effect that stress is having on their body, and don’t associate it with the throbbing headaches, insomnia and stomach problems. The World Health Organization held a recent study in the effects of Acupuncture, and they discovered that is gives protection against 40 different diseases, as well as problems of the mental and physical kinds.

When you attend your first consultation, you will have a discussion with the practitioner on your general health and other issues. You will also get a brief introduction to the art of acupuncture and details of how it works. For your first treatment, between 12 and 40 of the needles will be inserted into predetermined points, and it last approximately 30 minutes.

By incorporating Acupuncture into your life you will immediately feel the benefits of this pain-free treatment. Combine it with the likes of healthy nutrition and exercise and you will find out what it’s like to feel really alive!

How does acupuncture treat depression?

Acupuncture helps to treat depression by addressing the root of the physical imbalances. According to the perspective of Chinese medicine, the root of depression is blocked energy, or what they call as Qi stagnation. One or more of the typical symptoms of depression are triggered when the natural flow of energy is blocked or does not flow smoothly. By targeting certain points or meridians in the body, acupuncture can control depression efficiently because it gets the stagnant Qi to freely move again. Acupuncture functions to increase your concentration and mental alertness by stimulating the activity of the brain. It is also able to improve your physical energy since it boosts the function of the spleen. Moreover, acupuncture’s effects are longer-lasting, unlike most anti-depressant medications.

The benefits of acupuncture for depression

It has been found that using acupuncture as treatment for depression has positive and comprehensive effects on depressed patients. It effects are augmented when used in conjunction with psychotherapy and herbal medicines. Acupuncture is a holistic approach that strives to address the body as whole. As a treatment for depression, this approach treats continuous fatigue and lack of energy in the body. Acupuncture depression treatments focus on the spleen and heart which are believed to be the major energy source of the human body. In general, the results are usually remarkable. A significant number of people who suffered from mild or moderate depression and have undergone acupuncture sessions reports to have gained full recovery. However, those who have severe or major depression, characterized by presence of suicidal thoughts, can still receive acupuncture therapy but only with the proper care and medical treatments from a licensed psychiatrist.

Other easy methods to try at home aside from acupuncture to relieve depression

Apart from acupuncture, which is a proven alternative treatment for depression, there are also various things you can do even at home to help relieve depression. First, you need to get moving. This can be said both figuratively and literally. In the form of exercise and other physical activities, movement can benefit your mood by boosting the production of endorphins – the brain chemicals responsible for feelings of general happiness. Various research studies have already proven that physical activity is effective in relieving depression and other anxiety disorders. Meanwhile, ‘moving emotionally’ by trying new hobbies, meeting new people, or exploring new solutions to a problem is another good way to rise above the depression you are feeling. Eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough sleep is an apparent but effective method in helping to relieve depression. Insomnia is a significant component or symptom of depression. Therefore, giving your body enough time to sleep will aid in reduce the physical harm that depression is giving to your body. Also, eating nutritious meals will give the body enough energy to combat physical symptoms brought about by depression.

A Closer Look at Depression and Acupuncture

Depression is a condition that’s certainly way more serious than some people may think. A person living with depression and who doesn’t get help can easily fall prey to other mental problems, and may even start harming himself. There are many treatments available for depression, and one of these is acupuncture. Here we will take a closer look at depression and acupuncture to see whether acupuncture can help those suffering from depression.

What Are Depression And Acupuncture?

acupuncture and depressionPeople who are going through depression don’t just feel sad for an hour or two. In most cases, depressed people feel “blue” for days at a time. Depression has a lot of causes, and it’s an entirely different condition from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, where the feelings one goes through are due to a traumatic event. For most depressed people, they just feel sad for no rational reason at all.

Acupuncture is a practice that goes back hundreds of years. It first originated in China, and its methods today have barely changed at all. Thin, long needles are inserted into the skin in specific areas with the purpose of improving one’s bodily functions. Depression and acupuncture is said to work when done correctly, for the needles can supposedly help channel the body’s energy and improve the mood.

How Would Depression And Acupuncture Work Together?

Acupuncture is used to treat a growing number of different illnesses and health problems. For a procedure that sounds quite risky, with the needles sticking into the skin, acupuncture is actually very safe when done by a professional. Migraine headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, and insomnia are just a few examples of the wide variety that acupuncture is reputed to help treat.

There are many different ways to use acupuncture, and this all depends on the type of illness being treated. The Chinese have studied the anatomy of the human body, and what looks like random needle sticking to some people actually has a purpose. A person being treated for depression will have the needles inserted into his or her body in areas different from a person getting acupuncture for hypertension. And because this medication-free treatment is growing more and more popular nowadays, there is a possibility that depression and acupuncture will work well for most people.

Is Acupuncture for Depression Worth Trying?

Acupuncture is not one of the first treatments prescribed to depressed people, and one should never try acupuncture without asking one’s doctor and making sure the prospective acupuncturist is certified and experienced. It is a relatively safe treatment, but it can still turn quite risky under inexperienced hands. Make sure to only consider getting an acupuncture session only at hospitals and other certified health organizations or institutions.

If therapy, medications, and other treatments are not working successfully for a depressed person, then the psychologist or doctor may turn to alternative remedies, including acupuncture. Depression and acupuncture may even be safer in some cases than taking different medications. Ask your doctor about the possibility of trying out acupuncture as well as what he or she has experienced with treating depression through it.

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