Acupuncture and The Paragon System

chinese medicineThe Paragon System is an approach to treating chronic health problems, especially those that have inflammation, degeneration or lack of function.  The Paragon System is a blend of Chinese (energy) Medicine and Western Natural Medicine.  Its goal is to get to the root(s) of each Patient’s health issue and select a treatment plan that will be the least invasive while addressing the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of the problem.

What makes The Paragon System unique is how it identifies and addresses metaphysical causes (causes other than physical) which are almost always present in chronic health issues.  Think of how many people you know who have tried western medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, and supplements and they are still struggling.  Maybe they get better for a period of time but they keep searching for the answer to their problem in a pill, tool or approach when the answer lies within.  The Paragon System helps root out these metaphysical (psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual) issues and provides a way of affecting real change.

What to Expect

Patients may be evaluated by the following:  evaluation form, history and differentiating questions, tongue and pulse diagnosis, pH test, questionnaires, hair-tissue mineral analysis, saliva and blood-spot test, examination of skin, eyes, energy channels, muscle-testing and more.  Once the diagnostic picture has become clear, a treatment path is established and explained to the Patient.  Treatment is received 1-2 times per week to start and is reduced as signs and symptoms dissipate.

Treatments often consist of acupuncture but occasionally will involve neurolink (a tapping technique that provides both diagnosis and treatment), teaching of self-treatment methods, hypnosis or life-style and spiritual counseling.  Detoxification and dietary changes are often recommended as part of the treatment plan.  Occasionally, natural supplements and/or herbal formulas are suggested to increase the strength and effect of the treatment.

The first visit will be approximately 1 ½ hours while follow-ups will be about 45 minutes to an hour.  The Practitioner’s goal is to discover what techniques and level of intensity are most effective.  The Patient’s progress is subjectively monitored and other methods of affecting the Patient’s energy and body chemistry may be employed if progress is not being made.


chinese medicineThe Paragon System looks at disease as being caused by one or more of the following:  lack of sleep, poor diet, emotional imbalance, negative thoughts, pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi/yeast), parasites, poor breathing, spiritual stagnation (lack of progression in understanding of the self and of purpose), dehydration (lack of water and/or the cells not using water like they’re supposed to), over-exposure to toxins (heavy metals, preservatives, solvents and other chemicals), lack of enzyme production, lack of positive bacteria, electro-magnetic field disturbance, trauma and genetic or constitutional issues.

By removing what is impairing movement or function, replacing what has been lost and correcting destructive thoughts, emotions and behaviors, health and harmony may be restored.

Body and Personality Type:

Each Patient has a body and personality type which will be a “tell” of sorts.  What this means is that in gathering information about their symptoms and signs and combining that information with their body and personality types, an understanding of tendencies will come to light.  An example may be shown in the following:  a female patient complaining of anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues, short and slight build, narrow and small facial features, muted or ashen skin color and is often jittery, ungrounded, scattered and a worrier is served by treatments that calm the nervous system.  Easy-to-digest meals that are high in protein and blood-nourishing foods and metaphysical approaches that focus on supporting the Patient’s emotional and spiritual foundation will help re-establish balance causing symptoms to abate.  Avoiding coffee and other stimulants while avoiding an overly-busy business and social calendar are important for this Patient to obtain balance.

Potential Pitfalls:

There are seemingly endless reasons as to why some Patients don’t move forward in their recovery.  Unwillingness to deal with metaphysical issues, self-sabotage (often due to subconscious blocks, addictions and/or bad habits), secondary gain (Patient receives positive or negative attention and/or identity from illness), lack of commitment to treatment, iatrogenic issues (Doctor-caused:  misdiagnosis, wrong prescription, faulty dosing, etc.), refusal of treatment, excuses and rationalizations, are some of these pitfalls.  There are other stumbling blocks mentioned in the “Keys to Patient Success” section.

Uniqueness of The Paragon System

The questionnaires and exercises that help the Patient realize who they are in relationship to their imbalance are what make this system stand out.  A Patient who is willing and ready to take responsibility and undertake all aspects of the disease triangle (body, mind and spirit) will experience the greatest change.  It is important to realize that a Patient has disease and imbalance due to behaviors that are present that shouldn’t be present or need to be moderated and/or behaviors that are not present that should be present or need to be increased.

Another unique part of The Paragon System is the instillation of goals that help each Patient become self-sufficient in their healing.  It is important for each Patient to recognize what a healthy and balanced life-style is for them; appropriate diet, exercise and mind-body practices such as meditation, affirmations, sensory deprivation or enhancement and many more.  Living this life-style, while avoiding behaviors that lead to imbalance will allow for maximum health and wellness.

There is a Zen aspect to healing from a chronic health problem and that is that the Patient must commit to the process by immersing themselves in it (making all appointments, following instructions, doing the emotional and spiritual discovery, acceptance, forgiveness, practicing new behaviors and thoughts, dietary changes, and so on) and then letting it all go and allowing the process to become a way of life.  It must become automatic.  If it doesn’t become automatic, many Patients may get consumed with being a “Patient” and they will become attached or overly-identified with the label, thus becoming a perpetual “Patient.”

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