Can You Loose Weight With Acupuncture

weight loss acupunctureDo not judge a book by its cover is an expression that, sadly, isn’t often applied to the body. Today’s society has managed to bring us to a point where the way we look counts significantly more than the way we think. In a desperate attempt at trying to look perfect, ineffective dietary methods are often painful source of failure for many of those who fight with their body weight. Even still, not every option is a waste of time as acupuncture for weight loss has become more and more popular with those looking to lose weight, including those who are obese.

What does acupuncture for weight loss mean?

Generally, acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is used to re-establish your energy balance to relieve the symptoms of specific medical conditions by stimulating specific parts of the body with needles.

When dealing with weight loss, the tricky part is the level of expectation you have, especially in relation to the miraculous results food diets promise to give in a short period. A person’s expectations will naturally be very high at the beginning, but when the results don’t meet expectations, the frustration is even bigger. It’s not surprising that many people suffer from depression while trying to lose weight.

In terms of, weight loss, don’t think about acupuncture as a wonder treatment, but more like an alternative method that helps you cope with the problem on both mental and physical levels. If you choose acupuncture for weight loss your practitioner will insert needles in different parts of your body to release endorphins. Endorphins are brain chemicals that transmit electrical signals within the nervous system in order to enhance the immune system’s response and release feelings of euphoria. With their calming effects, endorphins reduce stress and pain, the main factors that trigger overeating. They also affect the digestive and hormonal system, therefore acupuncture can help rebalance metabolism and will power.

Is it effective?

weight lossUnlike many food diet plans that have no scientific background, acupuncture has been recently studied by a group of Korean doctors, and the results were published in the medical journal Acupuncture in Medicine. These doctors wanted to test how effective acupuncture can be in terms of weight loss. They selected a number of overweight Koreans, and 91 participated in the study. For some of the participants the doctors applied a five-point ear treatment, while for others a one-point ear treatment was used. Both groups were asked to follow a restricted diet and stop exercising during the treatment.

In the end the results were more than gratifying as both treatments had positive results. A 6.1 percent Body Mass Index (BMI) reduction was shown by those following the five-point ear treatment and a 5.7 percent BMI reduction was shown in the case of those following the one-point ear treatment.

The treatment plan

Once you have decided to give acupuncture for weight loss a try, there are a few matters about the treatment you should know from the beginning. Before starting the actual treatment you should be offered a counseling session. The doctor will present you the basics of the acupuncture for weight loss treatment and show you which pressure points are involved. During this session you can talk about your fear of needles, if you have one, and the doctor will know how to help you to overcome this problem before treatment begins.

Furthermore, you will probably be advised to follow different relaxation techniques during treatment like breathing exercises and yoga. If you are not familiar with these techniques you can order the Sciatica Pain Resource Guide which is not directly related to acupuncture for weight loss, but the package includes four books as a bonus and two of them are related to acupuncture and yoga. You won’t have to pay extra for the bonus books so this is a good opportunity to find more information about what acupuncture is and how to start practicing yoga at home.

Acupressure for weight loss at home

You can alternate the acupuncture for weight loss treatment with acupressure, a technique using the same ideas only without the needles. You can do this at home, by massaging the pressure points with your fingers. For weight loss, the most important acupressure points include:

  • The abdomen point, located three centimeters below your belly button, enhances the function of the digestive system and gives the body strength. Place two fingers on this point and massage it by moving up and down, then press the point for at least two minutes twice a day.
  • The abdominal sorrow point usually located under your last rib, helps with indigestion. Curve your fingers and press this point for at least five minutes every day.
  • The ear point located near your ear, helps with appetite control. Place a finger on your jaw and find the point that has the most movement, then press it for one minute.
  • The knee point is located two inches below your knee cap, on the outer side of the legs. To identify the right spot, move your leg up and down, and you should feel the muscle move under your finger. The knee point improves digestion and supports blood pressure. Press this point for two minutes every day.
  • The elbow point located at the end of the inner side of your elbow folding line, stimulates the function of your intestine. Use your thumb to apply pressure on this point for one minute every day.
  • The ankle point is located on the inner side of the leg, two inches above your ankle and helps the function of the spleen. Use your thumb to apply pressure for one minute every day.

Acupuncture for weight loss is a technique that has been scientifically proven to offer positive results. So if you are thinking about losing weight you may want to reconsider your previous techniques and try acupuncture. Not only will you notice improvements in your body weight, but you will also manage to rebalance your mental health and find your ying and yang.

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