Cosmetic Acupuncture

acupuncture cosmeticOne of the things that are on the mind of every person is their physical appearance. However, the production of the so called collagen slows down as we age, which makes it more and more difficult to keep the skin tone along with the elasticity. Fortunately, you have a lot of options, especially the acupuncture alternative medicine that will surely make your skin look at its best. One of the options you can try is the cosmetic acupuncture procedure. The popularity of the cosmetic acupuncture industry is becoming a well known choice to a lot of people, particularly to those who prefer a more natural approach to combat the signs of aging. Read through this article for you to find out how capable the procedure of cosmetic acupuncture is to slow down the aging process.

What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

The so called cosmetic acupuncture procedure is a practice handed down from long years ago of traditional Chinese medicine. The idea includes the entire body approach. The physical appearance is a manifestation of the health internally, that was according to the traditional Chinese medicine. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from this acupuncture alternative medicine. However, before to start with the benefits, it is important for you to understand first that is the method of restoring a lively glow to the face. This procedure is capable of improving the firmness of the skin, whereas the wrinkles along with the fine lines are soften. Well, one of the benefits that you can get is the improved sleeping habits and the internal vigour. In addition to that, the cosmetic acupuncture procedure is a gentle alternative to a plastic surgery. On the other hand, the cosmetic procedure by the use of acupuncture is not an alternative to facial plastic surgery. Generally speaking, the acupuncture facelift’s results are not instant and not almost as impressive compare to its more persistent competitors.

What to Expect

facial acupunctureThe results of the cosmetic procedure through the use of acupuncture produces results, however over a period of time and with a lot less magnitude compare to the surgical facelift. The cosmetic acupuncture procedure can significantly improve the appearance of the face of a certain person. Why? It is because it not just reduces the wrinkles and fine lines, but strengthens the muscles of the entire face as well. Therefore, the sagging skin and jowls are being lifted. So, when this procedure is combined with other cosmetic surgical methods such as the resurfacing and laser skin, the skin retains a natural firmness and tone too. On the other hand, among all the surgical procedures, this is the type of the method that includes a number of risks. What’s more with regards to this method is that it might not match your expectations. Apart from that, it is important for you to remember that a rather long period of recovery may be required for plastic surgery in the face.

Since the cosmetic acupuncture procedure requires no recovery period, curing from facelift can last for up to four weeks. In that way, besides from the fact that you are going to lose a time for your work, the process of curing can be a source of discomfort as well. Well, since the cost of the plastic surgery may vary depending on the kind of procedure you have, the cost is another thing that you have to consider. In fact, the cost for the cosmetic procedure that entails the method of acupuncture may also vary. However, this is the type of the method that the cost is considerably lesser among the other procedures. So, how the cosmetic acupuncture procedure works? This process focuses on reducing the wrinkles by increasing the production of the collagen and helping in its dispersal that helps the skin to firm and fill out the wrinkles. This effect is toughened by the enhanced dermal contraction and muscle tone.

The Results of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Usually, these affects become obvious within a couple of treatments. Deeper wrinkles will be dramatically diminished and the fine lines may be completely removed. This treatment consists of very thin needles that are being inserted into a certain areas in the face, neck, ears, hands, trunk, as well as in the legs. The method along with the size of the needles used makes sure that it is not an unlikeable method. Actually, it is generally deeply relaxing and refreshing. The cosmetic acupuncture procedure can improve the metabolism and reduce the puffiness since it works from the inside. In other words, by the use of this acupuncture alternative medicine, conditions such as the acne and dry skin can be significantly improved by controlling the hormones.

cosmetic acupunctureOn the other hand, the complexion can be improved, healthy facial coloring can be restored and there may be a tightening of the pores by controlling the blood. Well, regular expressions are being transformed which results in an extremely younger, calmer, as well as less worn looking face. Aside from that, it also reduce the anxiety and stress and then improves the circulation since the acupuncture treatment helps in balancing the internal environment and then control the hormonal system, helping a person to look and feel more soother, relaxed, and more confident.

More important of all, you have to understand that the cosmetic acupuncture procedure is not for every people. Why? It is because the practitioner has to carefully assess the person involved in order to identify of the procedure is suitable. In that way, the practitioner will know if whether or not there are some underlying imbalances that should be addressed primarily. In other words, those people who are suffering from serious diseases, high blood pressure, and seizure disorders, or experienced a stroke are not appropriate for this procedure.

Acupuncture Facelift

acupuncture faceliftYou may have heard stories and seen pictures that facelift may take a patient to a miserable procedure with the pain to pass through. Perhaps, you may also have heard that there is now an alternative to this painful procedure that is the miracle acupuncture facelift. Right now, this concept is being promoted and the thought of experiencing it to make younger now sounds appealing to you. There is no more the need for the traditional painful facelift because the good news is now here. In the true sense of the world itself, acupuncture facelift does not need for stitches, acid peels, incisions or anything too painful just to give you the gratification. This method of cosmetic acupuncture will restore the vibrant to your face. It works to soften the skin wrinkles, fine lines and also improves the skin firmness making it more ideal for a more youthful radiance.

This is considered as a new alternative to plastic surgery because of the dramatic improvement to one’s appearance it gives. Let us note though that acupuncture facelift is not an immediate solution. It is safe but the procedures will take some time and also will less magnitude compared to that of surgical facelift. Come to think of it, if you will choose for facial plastic surgery there is still recovery period to wait. With that as your concern, you will have to risk for the time. In cosmetic acupuncture, the healing will last for four weeks. When it comes also to affordability, the plastic surgery will depend to the procedure and type that you will want to undergo. Substantially, the cost of acupuncture is not that much compared to surgical procedure. The treatment of acupuncture will mainly focus to the circulation in your face.

It means that the natural production of collagen is its main concern in the focus to treating your skin. The fine needles used in acupuncture with holistic oils and moisturizers will give light pulsations and electric currents for someone undergoing the procedure. Do start to have your own treatment plan. Most probably, it will only take 10 sessions for acupuncture facelift. It will turn out to give real benefit especially if you wish to reduce the wrinkles in your face and make you appear younger than your age. Aside from that the work of this facelift enhances your skin tone, correct insomnia, reduces eye bags, and will even help you to control your weight gain. The procedure may be centuries old but has always been trusted for facial rejuvenation.

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