Dangers Of Acupuncture

dangers of acupunctureDo you have an illness requiring a medical intervention? Do you want other treatments in managing that illness? Have you resulted in the oriental treatment known as acupuncture? Acupuncture involves needles inserted into various points in the body believed to be blocked which prevents the normal flow of energy throughout the entire body. Some say that acupuncture is very effective in treating various ailments. These ailments include nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and others. But you are still reluctant on trying this treatment because it can be harmful? Are there really hidden dangers in this treatment? Then what are these hidden dangers of acupuncture?

Dangers Of Acupunctures Happen With Incompetent Practitioners

The dangers of acupuncture arise when the person doing the treatment is not a certified acupuncture practitioner. If he is not good at the practice, there are certain complications that can arise. One example is a feeling of soreness after the treatment. Next will be minor bleedings at the needle sites. You can also develop a bruise if the insertions of needles are not correct. In addition, you can have injuries to your organ if the needles are inserted too deep into your skin. But it is an uncommon complication. Furthermore, infections can be transmitted through the needles if the needles are not sterile. It is therefore recommended that acupuncturists use disposable needles and they should not reuse it.

Dangers Of Acupunctures Arise If You have Conditions That Put You At Risk

Before trying acupuncture, you must first seek the advice of your doctor. Why? Because some conditions may put you at risk. An Example of the hidden dangers of acupuncture is bleeding. But if you have a certain condition that put you at greater risk for bleeding tendencies, you may not be advised to try acupuncture. Some medications can also place greater risk of bleeding like taking warfarin (Coumadin). This drug is a blood thinner so be careful. Some practices of acupuncture involve applying electrical pulses to the needles. It may only be mild but if you have a pacemaker, this can interfere with its operation. Are you pregnant? Then you must seek a doctor’s prescription first because there are also other types of acupuncture that can induce labor thus putting you at risk for delivering a premature baby.

Other Dangers Of Acupuncture

There are other dangers of acupuncture. But these are only mild or less serious. Some people claim that after the treatment they experience feeling nauseous and feeling tired. Sometime they can also feel light-headed. And there are still some who reported that they feel anxious after acupuncture. These are common side effects but they do not post a great risk to patients.

To avoid these dangers, there are factors that you need to consider first. One, you must know that the person who will perform the treatment for you is a professional. If you feel that you are still reluctant on this procedure, ask your doctor. And always verify if the needles they are using is disposable so that you will avoid transmission of diseases.

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