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ear acupunctureEar acupuncture is also known as auricular therapy and is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The human ear alone has in excess of 200 acupuncture points. The ear is a self contained micro system from which one can treat the entire body. In fact, there is an orderly anatomical arrangement of acupuncture points on the ear which look like an inverted foetus. Put simply, it is possible to treat shoulder pain by choosing the corresponding shoulder acupuncture point on the ear surface.

Acupuncture points on the ear become active when there is some physical or functional disorder in the part of the body that is represented by that region of the ear. The tenderness or degree of activation increases as the degree of pathology worsens. Correspondingly, the tenderness decreases as health improves.

Auricular therapy is widely used for many conditions, including drug addiction, cigarette addiction, mood disorders, obesity, pain, and many other conditions. The acupuncture points found on the ear help to regulate the body’s internal organs, structures, and functions.


A reactive ear acupuncture point is said to signal a stress reaction in the corresponding area of the body. This manifests on the external ear as a small localized activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System. The Sympathetic arousal leads to a localized increase in electrodermal skin conductance that is detectable by using an electrical point finder. Sympathetic activation also induces localized regions of vasoconstriction in the skin of the ear. The restricted blood supply causes an accumulation of sub dermal toxic biochemicals that account for the perception of tenderness and the surface skin reactions often seen at ear acupuncture points.

When pain is only felt on one side of the body the electrical conductivity is significantly greater in the ear point on the ipsilateral ear. For example, when there is pain in the right shoulder there is a corresponding increased tenderness at the shoulder point of the right ear. The practitioner therefore only needs to treat the right ear.


A dull, deep, aching feeling called ‘De Qi’ often accompanies the stimulation of a body acupuncture point, but this sensation is not usually observed by stimulating an ear acupuncture point. Auricular stimulation is a more sharp piercing sensation but it only lasts a few seconds.

The blood flow to the ear is greatly enhanced and this may manifest as a rosy colored ear for the duration of the treatment.

Both body acupuncture and ear acupuncture have been found to raise blood serum and CSF levels of endorphins and enkephalins. These are natural pain relieving biochemicals.

Ear Acupuncture for Weight Loss

ear acupuncture weightEar acupuncture for weight loss is about similar to the other weight loss programs. The methods and techniques used would probably be the same with that of the other treatment forms. Maybe the only difference would be the spot of the needle stick itself, and that is at the back the ear.

At the moment, you can observe a lot of people with temporary needle piercing on the back of their ears. There could simply be one reason for that – and this is engaging in a weight loss activity program. The ear acupuncture for weight loss therapy is meant to last for days to weeks behind your ears. This is for the reason that the magnetic power of the needles is believed to cause balance and stabilization in a person.

The ear acupuncture for weight loss does hurts; and this is the truth that all weight enthusiasts should face. If you long for to achieve the body that you want, then you have to work on it by complying with the treatment regimen. If not, you will by no means succeed in your weight loss plans at all.

It takes great patience to tolerate in the ear acupuncture for weight loss program. You have to visit the clinics on a regular basis consecutively to check the proper placement of your needles. You also have to have your needles changed in a specific period of time. The appointment also entails re-piercing of the needles. Certainly, this would cause a little ounce of pain. But when succeeding treatments follow, it would certainly be easier for you to bear the prickly feel. If you are strong-minded enough to lose weight, then you have to undergo the countless needle sticks that you are going to face.

Regrettably, the ear acupuncture for weight loss program cannot work successfully by its own. You have to merge it with other weight loss activities such as diet and exercise. If you mix all three in your regimen, then you could be very well assured of the positive changes to follow. You need to closely follow a diet plan that is balanced enough to meet your body daily requirements. You must cut down on your calories and you have to take away the saturated fat off from your diet. In addition, you have to exercise at least forty-five minutes for each day in order to help burn off the excess fat in your body.

If you abide by the ear acupuncture for weight loss program and follow the diet and the exercise regimen, you will definitely see good results in one month’s time. Within several months of staying power and determination, you will be able to realize the perfect body that you want.

What is Auricular therapy?

A variation of traditional acupuncture is called auricular therapy or ear acupuncture is a method of many varieties of diagnosis for treatment that could stunningly and specifically alleviate thousands of conditions. Ear is the map of the bodily organs. In the 1950s, Dr. Paul Nogier discovered that the pain could be alleviated in any part of the body by varying methods of needling, massaging, cauterizing, or electrically stimulating the points of the ear that corresponded with the anatomical area of the pain. (see picture) Because auricles have the highest density of acupuncture points. According to the belief of the Chinese the Ear is a Micro system. That the entire body is entitled on the auricle and stimulating the regions of the ear exclusively the entire body can be treated. For example, a problem with an organ such as the kidney is to be treated by sticking needles into a certain point on the ear that is supposed to be the corresponding point for that organ. There are over a hundred acupuncture points that are distributed along meridians (connected points across the body), which effect specific organs or other parts of a person.

Auricular therapy helps rehabilitate alcoholic and smoke addict

Acupuncture helps recover an alcoholic, drug and smoke addict remarkably, when Acupuncture is performed technically in which very thin needles of varying lengths are inserted through the skin. Acupuncture treatment along with herbal prescription help drug, alcohol and smoke addict. It principally supplements the vital energy, calms the spirit, nourishes the nerves, promote the smooth flow of vital energy and relax the chest cavity in order to eliminate addiction to tobacco and drugs. Addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs is often characterized by poor appetite, shedding of tears, yawning, and headache, a feeling of discomfort, and even muscular tension and trembling trough out the entire body. Auricular therapy will decrease cravings for drugs and alcohols, reduces withdrawal symptoms, relieve tension, and help people calm and relax. It promotes diuresis and detoxifies the body. The powerful effect of auriculotherapy on restoring consciousness is mirrored in it’s equally strong effect on calming and clearing the mind, build energy, can assist elimination of addiction to tobacco and drug to make great efforts in living to enjoy a healthier life till we die.

Pain free Auricular therapy for weight loss Program

Our sincere wish is to explicate about ear stapling, and ear beads and how they work in the progress of lose weight and how they may be advantage to you. If there are any questions or concerns you may have that are not found on our site, we encourage you to please ask them in comments. We are here for you, to answer your question.

Shape up your body, reduce stress on body organs, and relieve soreness in muscles in the wayemical free. It’s your life. It’s your style. It’s all about being you!

Painless Ear staple and ear beads

In resent years the number of person afflicted with obesity has increased by leaps and bound to address the pressing needs of obesity sufferers. In additional to using traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment we perform painless auricular therapy or ear acupuncture treatment is performed by Dr Jason Tsing to achieve weight loss reduction. Ear stapling is an affordable and safest method for weight loss.

How does ear stapling take effects on losing weight? A small stainless steel staple is with ear beads placed in the inner cartilage of the both ears to target certain auricle points in the ear works by applying pressure to the ear reflex. Insertion of staples and beads at several points tranquilizes the nerves and reduces appetite. The points of ear stapling mainly targeted organs are stomach, pancreas and other organs to control craving for excess food and drink, increase fat metabolism, eliminate fluid, improve digestion and give your body an abundant thirst for water. Applying ear beads along with ear staples regulate blood-sugar level, gently relieve constipation and bring your body in to a balanced healthier condition. As Obesity is a major problem in the western world in order to improve the efficiency of the treatment of auricular therapy, herbal formulation prescribed to make effective in improving fat metabolism, eliminating the mucus, Cleansing the lungs as well as cleansing the intestines and reducing mucus retention. Ear stapling helps Regulate appetite and sugar metabolism in order to help reduce cholesterol and to control blood sugar.

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