Electric Acupuncture

Electric AcupunctureWhat is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment. They believe in a vital energy that passes through our bodies. This energy is known as Qi and is responsible for our wellness. If this energy is disrupted in any form like through a blockage, then we experience illnesses. Acupuncture uses needles and inserts them in various points in the body to release a blockage and restore the flow of energy. But have you ever heard of electric acupuncture? How is it different from traditional acupuncture? And how does it cure ailments?

What Is An Electric Acupuncture?

Electric acupuncture is the same with traditional acupuncture. They both address the problems of energy disruption in our bodies by stimulating trigger points. However, electric acupuncture uses pulses of electricity that passes through the needles. This kind or type of acupuncture is just a recent discovery. The energy that passes through the needles and into the points are continuous. There is also a device that controls the energy and frequency of electrical impulses that will travel along the needles. Your condition will determine how these factors are controlled. Electric acupuncture or electroacupuncture make use of a pair of needles at a time and electric impulses pass from one needle to the other. But sometimes, practitioners may use several pairs of needles at the same time again depending on your condition. The treatment usually lasts not more than half an hour.

Advantages Of Electric Acupuncture

Electric Acupuncture has many advantages. It is used to treat many illnesses. It is commonly used to treat conditions with symptoms of pain. How? Because electric acupuncture works like an anesthesia. It is used to relieve pain. It is also known to be effective in problems with muscle spasms and in treating neurologic conditions. If you are also scared of the needles, then electroacupuncture is also good for you because some practices it without the use of needles. Instead of needles, they use electrodes taped into the points. Still there are electrical impulses that stimulate even a large area that what the needles can stimulate. It is therefore an advantage for practitioners too because they won’t need to be exact on the insertion of needles into your skin. Electroacupuncture can also be an adjunct therapy to other acupuncture and acupressure procedures. Moreover, it is a convenient method of applying stimulation to various points.

Electric Acupuncture Risks

Does Electric Acupuncture hurt? And what are the risks involved in trying this acupuncture method? Like other acupuncture methods, there are risks involved in this type. You  may feel a slight discomfort due to the electrical impulses that travels through your body. But there are some who claim that they did not feel this tingling sensation. Some minor bruises and bleeding may happen if it is used with a needle. If you have a history of seizure, heart disease and if you have a pacemaker inserted, you are not a good candidate for electroacupuncture because it involves stimulation using electrical impulses. It can cause you to have a seizure attack and it can disrupt with the function of the pacemaker.

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