Five Element Acupuncture

5 element acupunctureIn China, before the Cultural Revolution, acupuncture was used therapeutically. It was integrated into the structure of life. Not so much to fix a problem as to assist in prevention, wisdom and destiny. Now, acupuncture is often thought of as a drug or infusion. People think to come for a session after a symptom or problem has become a pattern. Our bodies are often now imagined to be machines. We desire an instant tune-up so that we can have constant high performance vehicles.

A better image is that we are like gardens, we have cycles and fluctuations. Times of disease can point to deeper learning and teach us how to better tend our gardens.

Five Element Acupuncture is able to assist the body in returning to its true nature. As with gardening, change takes time and consistency. As the “garden” receives regular care, it begins to be appropriate to the seasons. This is the first stage of healing that can occur. The possibilities move then into realms of transformation that possess alchemical qualities, actualization of potential and a return to our core self.

How to Use Five Element Acupuncture

Regular treatment is recommended in the beginning. This acts to set patterns of healing in motion. The exact nature of the process varies according to each individual. The first treatments include a comprehensive intake, and clearing treatments that make further work possible. Large blocks are addressed at first, in order for detailed, specific treatments to be highly effective. The imbalances or blocks in the movement of the five elements cause disease in the body, emotions and/or spirit.

Treatments serve to access these movements via the qi (animating force). The qi is balanced at specific points along pathways (called meridians) in the body. Many wonder if acupuncture hurts. It is NOTHING like getting a shot at the doctors. The sensation varies from person to person, from point to point and from day to day. For many it is at the hedonic level (where it hurts-good). Some sensations are tingling, heating, spreading or deeply moving. Although there is sometimes pain, it is tolerable and minute. If this is a concern please inquire for further options.

This is an ancient and powerful therapy that is used in phases that correspond with nature’s seasons. It is able to address issues and heal at the root or core in each person.

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Who can Benefit

All people are able to benefit from Five Element Acupuncture as it addresses the whole person in health and illness. Many people who receive acupuncture are not sick. It can be used as a tuning fork to well being: helping to remind the body of its inherent ability to heal, to return to serenity, to be in synch with the seasons. Opening channels now is a powerful way to care for your present and future health. that said, Five Element Acupuncture is very useful in treating symptoms that affect the body and emotions. The symptoms listed below are among those that can be treated with acupuncture: This is an ancient and powerful therapy that is used in phases that correspond with nature’s seasons. It is able to address issues and heal at the root or core in each person.

If you have a sense that you could be living a fuller life: feel creatively challenged, have trouble with intimacy, addictions, exhaustion or depression.

If you experience physical pain: back, joints, roaming pains, arthritis, scar tissue or headaches.

If you have issues with your reproductive organs: PMS, menopause, delayed cycles, infertility, cramping or irregularity, UTI’s or recurring yeast infections.

If you suffer from insomnia, circulation problems, asthma, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or anxiety; if your skin is exhibiting distress with eruptions, acne, eczema, rashes or herpes.

If your immunity is challenged, experiencing chronic cough, frequent colds, flu, sinus and/or allergic reactions.

Also, Five Element Acupuncture is able to work with the underlying roots of disease. Many symptoms don’t fall into a category. Some are mysterious, vague, or difficult to diagnose by Western medicine. Some have emotional links resulting in the recurring experience of grief, sadness, fear, worry, or anger.

Lastly, the work can reassert a person’s sense of wellbeing which, when derailed, can result in a lack of presence and awareness or even a deep sense of hopelessness.

Zero Balancing and Five Element Acupuncture

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a form of Bodywork developed by Fritz Smith, a Five Element Acupuncturist and Osteopathic M.D.. It is based on the premise that we hold our deepest layer of energy at the deepest tissue in the body, the bones. This hands-on technique seeks to create a balancing point at the interface of energy and structure at the core level. It can create a true link for the relationship between the physical structure and the energy body of a person. Gentle skeletal adjustments serve to facilitate the clearing of blocks, twists and accumulations that cause pain, exhaustion, disease and imbalance to occur. ZB is a great compliment to acupuncture as it can help to integrate and amplify acupuncture treatments. It also stands on its own as a unique bodywork therapy.

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