Acupuncture for Diabetes

Acupuncture for DiabetesDiabetes is a common condition that affects children, adults, and the elderly, but despite its widespread status, it is still considered quite dangerous. People living with diabetes have to be extra careful regarding their lifestyle choices, not to mention the regular checkups they need to do with their blood sugar and insulin levels.

Until today, there is no cure for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. The condition is managed and controlled, depending on each case. Acupuncture is one of the alternative remedies many believe may help treat diabetes, but can this ancient practice really be effective? Here we will take a closer look at acupuncture and diabetes, and find out whether it’s worth trying out.

How Would Acupuncture And Diabetes Work?

Acupuncture looks like nothing more than a painful process of sticking sharp metal needles into the skin for no good reason at all, but the Chinese who started it years ago actually have a process. To the untrained eye, it seems that the needles are stuck in any random place, but the Chinese believe in making sure the flow of the body’s energy is smooth. Acupuncture would then redirect any misdirected chi or qi into the proper channels. This will supposedly restore the body’s health.

Although acupuncture dates back to ancient China, possibly as early as the Stone Age, the practice has only grown more popular around the world. Acupuncture and diabetes is actually not that surprising, considering that the practice is also used to help treat heart disease, sleeping disorders, mental problems, and more.

Is Acupuncture And Diabetes Safe And Effective?

Diabetes happens when the body either stops releasing insulin, or isn’t responding well to the insulin it manufactures. This means that the blood glucose levels need to be monitored as a sure indication of how well the condition is being managed. However, with the right lifestyle and careful following of checkups and tests, a diabetic person can otherwise live normally.

Acupuncture is about correcting and maintaining the flow of chi, and until today scientists cannot find any concrete evidence to support using acupuncture to treat diabetes, or any other health problem for that matter. Acupuncture and diabetes for treatment may be safe when done by a licensed practitioner of acupuncture, but there is no guarantee that it will effectively help treat diabetes.

Should You Try Acupuncture And Diabetes Treatment?

Acupuncture and DiabetesTreating diabetes can be a lifelong process, and most doctors nowadays prefer to think of it as more controlling the problem and preventing it from getting worse. Acupuncture is still largely viewed by the scientific community as nothing more effective than the placebo reaction, so any person with diabetes should not expect to get cured with it.

For those interested in trying acupuncture and diabetes as a means of helping to control the problem, make sure you only visit a licensed acupuncturist. Everything must be done in perfectly sanitary conditions, especially for people with diabetes. Consult your doctor about the possibility of acupuncture and whether the risk will outweigh the potential benefits.

How effective is Acupuncture for Diabetes Treatments?

The treatment of diabetes has been a subject that conventional medicine tried curing for many years without any significant results. The use of acupuncture for diabetes treatments has had better results and is being used extensively in China and even western countries due to the excellent results obtained with is treatments. Diabetes is caused when the body fails to properly metabolize sugar intake. Diabetes is a fatal disease that and leads to serious damage to the organs and blood vessels of the patient. Obesity has been identified as the cause of increased cases of diabetes is reported. Type 1 diabetes is where the pancreas is damaged and the body can no longer produce insulin. Type 2 is more common and is cause by the body not being able to produce enough insulin and needs insulin injections to supplement the shortage.

How is acupuncture for diabetes effective as a treatment?

Chinese identified over 1300 years ago that excess blood sugar is the main symptom in diabetic patients and used acupuncture for diabetes to treat this condition in sufferers. The initial diagnoses was made using urine samples left near an ant colony. The fact that ants were attracted to the urine indicated excess sugar in the patient. They went on to identify at least twenty acupuncture points in the human body that can help to control blood sugar. This has resulted in effective diabetic treatments for patients suffering from type 2 diabetics.

 What is the acupuncture for diabetes cure in Chinese medicine?

The cure that was developed in China using acupuncture for diabetes was the identification of the symptoms of extreme thirst and urination of the diabetic patient. The disease was further identified as having damaged the kidneys, pancreas and lungs of the diabetic patient. The acupuncture practitioners then adopted a combination of Western and Chinese medication in the treatment of diabetics. The use of Chinese medicine was to manage the long term symptoms that was displayed with herbs and acupuncture and thus increase the strength of the patient. The use of acupuncture was also instrumental in controlling the sugar levels in the blood of the diabetic patient. During treatment with Chinese medicine a lot of attention is given to dietary therapy and the treatment thereof with herbal medicine.

 What deficiency was treated with acupuncture for diabetes?

While treating the patients with acupuncture for diabetes the skilled Chines acupuncture practitioners found that there is a huge amount of TCM patterns that will eventually develop in the diabetic patient. They then used different Chinese medications and diagnoses to identify and determine the exact syndrome that was present. The Yin deficiency is a common denominator in most diabetic patients and its cause is mainly stress, obesity and extreme fatigue. They also discovered that there is heat and abnormal dryness present in the lungs and stomach of diabetic patients. Acupuncture is a great treatment for younger patients that was recently diagnosed in controlling their sugar levels. Acupuncture also be used to manage cholesterol levels in diabetics very effectively.

Diabetes and Acupuncture – Solutions and Answers

Diabetic issues are linked with many wellness problems: low hypothyroid operation, the start of a heart stroke, eye issues and neuropathy. More and more people in America are now in type II diabetes. Why are great blood sugar stages so detrimental to your health? The reason is that this is toxic to the veins and it could give you anxiety, causing swelling. If you observe the veins of a diabetic patient, you will find that they look violet and the increase showing bad circulation. If these veins are in the head area, the infected anxiety problem cannot get sufficient nutritional value.

Diabetes and Acupuncture Relations

This is how you can lose your memory and your vision in your sixties. If the veins are broken in your legs or hands, small cuts in those areas will not cure easily, eventually creating stomach problems deep to the bone. If your veins are broken in your testes or sex gland, you can create erection problems, ovarian abnormal growths, an infrequent period and possibly impotence. If the swelling happens in your prostate, you can have prostatis or even prostate cancer. If the swelling is in your hypothyroid, you will create a hypothyroid situation. That is why diabetes and hypothyroid dysfunction always go with each other. This is where acupuncture can help.

How can you strengthen your blood sugar stages to achieve optimal health? Consuming whole foods is the key. You do not have to get rid of carbohydrates; you can eat whole wheat in control with vegetables. Consuming fruits instead of drinking juice will help your whole body procedure the fructose gradually because of the materials in the fruit. Easy carbs in prepared meals can go to your blood veins within 30 minutes, making your blood sugar stages rise right away. Acupuncture can solve this issue.

 Diabetes and Acupuncture Answers Now

 Your whole body will try to produce more blood insulin to quickly move the blood sugar stages into your fat cells, and your glucose can drop to very low stages after a time. You will need another fix to bring up your blood sugar stages. This up-and-down procedure not only loss your veins and anxiety, but also can make you very sultry and tired. One of the benefits about eating simple carbs is that you are happy for 30 minutes because the basic carbs induce endorphin release right away and you do not need minerals to process glucose, thus no gas and stomach ache.

But simple carbs do not provide any nutritional value, and gradually cause swelling in every part of your body, including joints without you knowing it. Glucose intolerance is the situation in which blood insulin cannot operate normally due to too much glucose intake every day, which desensitizes blood insulin receptors. Even though you are regularly going on a fast blood sugar stage, sharp elevated blood sugar stages right after a meal can damage veins and anxiety irreversibly. The following study indicates that homeopathy treatment can avoid blood sugar stages rises caused by chemicals artificially; thus homeopathy can avoid neuropathy, heart stroke and even dementia.

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