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Having problems with your knees? Here is a video showing how acupuncture can help in knee pain treatment. Knee pain acupuncture treatment.

An 84 years old female patient came in the other day, walking in pain with her cane. She suffers from Osteoarthritic knee pain. Below is not a picture of her knee, hers is even more swollen.  From this picture, you can see the right knee is bigger than the left knee.  This is how the knee looks when there is inflammation of the synovial membrane which creates a thickened joint.

Take a look at the picture on the right to see the difference between a Normal Knee and an Osteoarthritic Knee.

knee acupuncture

knee pain acupuncture

The patient has suffered from chronic knee pain for a long time.  This time though, she feels that the pain is triggered after her long flight back from Asia.   She also mentions that rainy weather is a contributing factor to her pain.  It is too “damp” /”moist”  in Asia and that makes her knee feels more heavy and painful, and when the weather is too hot, she also feels more “inflammation” in the knee.

Because of the patient’s age and condition, I was uncertain that acupuncture would help her, but maybe if I can reduce the pain by a little bit, that may be enough.  However, acupuncture has helped her before and this condition is what acupuncture is famous for, so I decided to give it a try.

To my amazement, she feels looser after the treatment and when she came back one day later, the swelling is gone 70%.  It is true that we cannot reverse the deformity/thickened joint/bone spurs, but somehow, acupuncture reduces the inflammation and pain.

Another patient, male and 78 years old, suffered from ankle osteoarthritis (see sample image below).  In his case, the left ankle was swollen and deformed for 5-6 years.  He had the option of having surgery, however the outcome would have been 50/50 (it may get better, or it may get worse after surgery). I suspect that the problem was due to being chronically flat-footed (foot inversion) without wearing proper shoes with arch support.  It also didn’t help that he was overweight, which caused problems whenever he weight-beared on his left foot.  The pain in his left ankle was so bad he had to walk with a limp, and put more emphasis on his right foot.

knee acupuncture pain

Knowing that acupuncture could not fix the physical deformity caused by the osteoarthritis, I told him it would only help relieve the pain without treating the deformity itself.  After a couple of treatments, with electro-stimulation, he was able to weight-bear on his left foot again.  He forgot what it was like to walk normally without a limp!  By continuing this treatment, he may be able to walk more pain-free, and exercise to lose the weight (a contributing factor to his pain).

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